Drop-in Beginner Lessons

We have many social-dance events that include drop-in beginner dance lessons, such as year-round indoor dances, and free outdoor dancing during the summer with our Swingin' on the Saskatchewan series.  Find out more about our social dancing opportunities here!

If you'd prefer to take a beginner-level lesson series before attending our social dances, then check out our Intro to Vintage Swing course instead.


Saskatoon Lindy Hop offers courses on partnered dancing at various times during the fall, winter and spring months. Complementary courses on solo vintage jazz dancing and on specific dance choreographies are also occasionally on offer.

Beginners should start with our introductory partner dance course, Intro to Vintage Swing

Look out for occasional classes on solo jazz and dance choreographies, and on other styles of partnered swing dance that can add variety to your social dancing and to your dance performance repertoire. 

If you're already an experienced dancer of vintage-style swing dance and you're ready to do some collaborative independent learning, consider attending one of our practice sessions.

Some lesson FAQs

What should I bring to my dance class?

  • Indoor dance shoes.  These should be clean, non-marking shoes that are comfortable for energetic dancing. See the FAQ page for more information.
  • A water bottle.
  • Something to record video, in case the instructors let you record a recap video at the end of class.

Do I need to bring a dance partner?

  • NO.  No dance partner required for Saskatoon Lindy Hop classes.

Some Upcoming Courses and Other Learning Opportunities ...

Start with our beginner series: "Intro to Vintage Swing"

Intro to Vintage Swing is our fun and relaxed beginner-level introduction to some of the most common styles of vintage partner swing dance: 8-count Lindy hop, 6-count swing dance, and different styles of Charleston (20's Charleston, 30's Charleston, and tandem Charleston).  No two sessions of Intro to Vintage Swing will be the same, and not all the aforementioned dance styles will be taught in each session; expect to learn a range of different dance moves and styles each time you attend the course.

No partner required.  This is a partner dance course, but students need not register with a partner; students will be encouraged to change dance partners frequently in class.

This course lets you go deeper into beginner swing dance than you ever could with our drop-in beginner lessons, by providing a structure for you to keep building on what you're learning over the 5-week course.  The short 5-week sessions allow you to just commit to the sessions that fit best into your life, rather than having to make a full-season commitment.  

Intro to Vintage Swing is structured so you can retake the course as many times as you're comfortable with, and also keep learning something new.  That way you can get as much practice as you like and gain as much beginner-level breadth as you wish, before you decide whether you're interested in taking any other courses.  This course is a prerequisite for all our other partner dance courses.

(Most students who don't regularly attend other swing dance events will likely want to take Intro to Vintage Swing a few times before moving on to our other courses.)

Come join us, and dip your toes into vintage swing dance!

Upcoming sessions of "Intro to Vintage Swing"

Partner Dance Courses

Saskatoon Lindy Hop offers a variety of classes in partnered swing dancing.

No partner required to attend these classes; students are encouraged to switch partners multiple times throughout the class.

Upcoming Partner Dance Courses

Solo Jazz and Choreographies

Solo jazz dance can be used to add your unique flair to a partner dance, it can be danced in a solo jazz jam with your friends or in the center of a Lindy jam circle, and it can be a performance dance form.  

Choreographies are one way to learn solo jazz moves;  some swing dance choreographies also have sections of partnered dancing.

Upcoming Solo Jazz and Choreography Courses

  • Stay tuned for upcoming solo jazz and choreography courses...

Practice Sessions

If you're an experienced dancer of vintage-style swing dance and you're ready to do some collaborative independent learning, consider attending one of our practice sessions.

Upcoming and Ongoing Practice Sessions

Saskatoon Lindy Hop Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting vintage style swing and jazz dancing, and the swing and blues music that goes with it, around Saskatoon and area.
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