Executive Team and Committees


Rissy Hantke The president is responsible for all club assets, the membership registry and is the official contact for the club for corporate governance. E-mail: rissy@saskatoonlindyhop.ca

Public Relations & Internal Affairs

Maggie McBride The public relations director is responsible for much of the clubs communication with outside individuals including the saskatoonlindyhop.ca web site, social media presence and on-line calendars. The public relations director will also be the liaison with other organizations and venues. E-mail: maggie@saskatoonlindyhop.ca

The internal affairs director is responsible for working with the membership and member activities. This includes volunteers, performance or practice groups and member social activities. E-mail: maggie@saskatoonlindyhop.ca

Financial Officer/Secretary

Beth Schwartz The financial officer/secretary is responsible for financial records, financial reporting, corporate records and meeting minutes. E-mail: beth@saskatoonlindyhop.ca

Member at Large

Sonya Adams E-mail: sonya@saskatoonlindyhop.ca 

Advertising Committee

The advertising committee reports to the public relations director supporting marketing, branding, advertising campaigns, web site and social media presence.

Saskatoon Lindy Hop Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting vintage style swing and jazz dancing, and the swing and blues music that goes with it, around Saskatoon and area.
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