The Prairie Lindy Exchange (PLEX) organizers are committed to providing an environment that is inclusive, enjoyable, fun and safe for everyone who participates.  Safer Spaces is about having people, structures, and resources to support the safety and well-being of Lindy-hop community members who come to our events.

We’ve got a great group of Star Travellers who have volunteered to act as Safer Spaces Advocates. You can find advocates at any of our events if you ever feel uncomfortable or want to talk to someone.

Before you make any sudden movements, please make sure you have read and understood the PLEX Code of Conduct

More resources coming soon!


The Prairie Lindy Exchange (PLEX) is a dance, music and social event committed to providing an environment that is inclusive, enjoyable, fun and safe for everyone who participates. We welcome all dancers and lovers of music to PLEX; there is room for all of us on the dance floor!

As a PLEX attendee, volunteer or organizer, you are a valued part of the experience that makes PLEX so special. Here are a few important guidelines to follow to ensure that PLEX is a great experience for everyone! All participants are expected to read and follow the guidelines listed here.

Everyone deserves an environment free from harassment. Regardless of your sex, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, religion, age or dance experience we want you to feel comfortable at PLEX. We want you to be able to participate at PLEX without having to experience harassment of any kind, including unwelcome interest or inappropriate language or comments. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at PLEX.

    • Everyone is encouraged to ask anyone to dance, regardless of dance role, skill level, or experience. However, you are never obliged to dance with anyone, and no one is obliged to dance with you. If someone asks you to dance, you have the option to politely decline, and there is no obligation to provide a reason. If you ask someone to dance and they say no, please say “okay” and move on. If someone asks you to dance and you do want to, provide them with an affirmative “yes.” The choice to dance or not is up to you, and we encourage you to do what is safest for you.
    • When on the dance floor, every PLEX participant must consider the safety and comfort of those around them. Be considerate of your dance partner and ensure that all holds and movements accommodate your partner’s body type and personal boundaries. Maintain an open and mutual dialogue for comfort. Pay careful attention on a busy dancefloor! If you or your partner collide with someone else on the dance floor, verbally ensure that everyone is okay before continuing to dance. Air steps (also known as “aerials”) are not permitted on the social dance floor. Save them for performances, competitions and jam circles - only when you have the consent of your partner.

Be a positive and considerate participant in this wonderful event, and help make the experience for your fellow dancers one that they will treasure.

If you experience or witness harassment or any other violations of this code please let us know. 

You can:

    • Raise the concern with the party (or parties) involved if you are comfortable addressing the issue yourself.
    • Speak to a Safer Spaces Advocate. The names of the safer spaces advocates are listed on the event page and website. The names will also be announced at the event.
    • Speak to one of the PLEX organizers.
    • Speak to an event volunteer to direct you to one of the organizers or safer space advocates.
    • Ask a friend to speak to an advocate with you, or ask your friend to speak to the advocate on your behalf.

Please remember that your courage in bringing concerns forward can go a long way. The accused individual may not realize their behaviour is inappropriate and, through your intervention, might make positive changes. Also, addressing the incident can prevent it from being repeated or escalating.

Event organizers will attend to all concerns with care and discretion appropriate to the wishes of the concerned party and the severity of the situation. Ideally, these occurrences will be used as learning moments so that we can improve our knowledge of how to treat each other with respect and dignity. However, event organizers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or removing them from the event.

All participants are expected to follow the code of conduct, and appropriate action will be taken if the code is broken. Please, take the comfort of your fellow dancers into consideration this weekend, and help make PLEX amazing.


The organizers of Star PLEX 2018 want everyone to feel safe and comfortable at all times during the event. If an unsafe or uncomfortable situation arises, please let us know.

Safer Spaces Advocates have been chosen because they are dependable and capable of handling a situation responsibly and respectfully. If you experience or witness an unsafe or uncomfortable situation at PLEX, find a Safer Spaces Advocate. You can identify these individuals by the colourful Safer Spaces buttons they will be wearing.

Beth SchwartzCorwyn Shomachuk Cora LamersStephanie Lipoth
Emily SinclairHeather ImordeLiana StammersTyrel Brochu


At Star PLEX 2018 we will be providing a Safe-Walk initiative for dancers to get to their personal spaceships from the star swinging base. At designated times, Safe-Walk volunteers are available to walk you to your car or bus stop, provided it is within a four-block radius of the venue. Look for our Safe-Walk schedules and service maps at the registration desk and around the venues.

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