Star PLEX 2018 welcomes The Seven Deadly Syncopators for their debut Saskatchewan performance.  A seven-piece ensemble based out of Edmonton, they are a dear, local favourite of Edmonton Lindy-hoppers, playing at events such as Summer Solstice 2017, Lindy Harvest 2017, and the 2017 New Year's Gala at the Sugar Swing Ballroom.  The Seven Deadly Syncopators is made up of long-time Lindy-hoppers from Western Canada who formed their roots in this dance community and are in touch with the pulse of our local dance scenes.

If you were at PLEX007 (2017) last year, you had the privilege of hearing The Seven Deadly Syncopators in Calgary. Saskatoon looks forward to featuring the band’s great rhythms and tunes here at Star PLEX 2018! You can hear them at both the Friday and Saturday evening dances.

Photo Credit ItsHayashiPhotography

Photo Credit ItsHayashiPhotography

Photo Credits: ItsHayashiPhotography

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